r² workshop "Assessing sustainability"

24.-25.11.2009, Karlsruhe

Content of the workshop

The two-day workshop addresses project staff of the r² funding initiative's joint projets. Participants learn the bases and tools of sustainability assessment from ecological and socio-economic perspectives and fundamental questions about conducting eco balances and socio-economic analyses are answered. The focus here is particularly on establishing the system boundary and the scope of the assessment, data requirements and data acquisition, impact balance, indicators and the presentation of results.

Subsequently, using a concrete example the most important aspects of sustainability assessment are worked out together with the participants.

Objective of the workshop

Participants learn to apply methods and tools of sustainability assessment with a particular focus on ecological and socio-economic aspects and to interpret results
The workshop also offers extensive preparation for a possible joint ecological and/or socio-economic analysis within the r² funding initiative.

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