Cross-industry, cross-technology approaches in the strategy of resource efficiency

The project "Cross-industry, cross-technology approaches in the strategy of resource efficiency" identified material flows of selected technical value chains, which could either be connected to stages of the same value chain (closed loop circulation) or to other value chains. For example this revealed more resource-efficient recycling options for waste products.

At the start of the project raw material-intensive and technology strategically important production processes were selected to identify relevant value chains. The individual stages of these value chains were investigated regarding material flows with networking potential.

The results show the possibilities for regional and national associations to network the selected value chains cross-industry, cross-technology and based on energy flows. Impacts on resource efficiency, material savings and climate protection which can be achieved by exploiting the identified potentials for networking, were evaluated as accurately as possible and examined regarding their international transferability.

The research can support resource-intensive industries in Germany in becoming resource-efficient and give impulses to find solutions in corporation with other industries. The holistic approach to technical value chains offers new insights into industrial material flows and possible raw material loss in Germany as well as suggestions for future research.

Document (only in German)

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