Among other things, the integration and transfer project aimed to identify potentials for how to strategically further develop the r² funding initiative. A foresight concept was developed for this that examines research needs from the perspective of the project groups (bottom-up, internal perspective) using their technology roadmaps and a publication analysis. This approach was coupled with an analysis from a higher-level perspective (top-down, external perspective). This included screening future studies and scientific publications on topics relevant for material efficiency technologies and analysing the German research landscape. Questions for guideline-based expert interviews were derived from both perspectives. Combining the three approaches yielded a comprehensive picture of the overall development in the field of innovative technologies for resource efficiency at both the level of technologies and a higher level. This was then used as the basis for recommendations for the further development of the funding initiative.

Overall, the foresight studies show that there is a continued need for research on the topic of resource efficiency in resource-intensive production processes. Topics in specific sectors were identified (e.g. construction and cement industries, metal production and working) and procedures to support research were developed (frame conditions, design of consortia etc.).

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