Network and internet-based Web platform on resource efficiency as a learning and application tool

In the project "RESEFI" the project partners developed the web-based resource efficiency portal (no longer active) which is intended to inform and communicate. It is also an application portal for soft ware tools. It can support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in implementing resource efficiency in their products and processes.

The internet–based platform consists of three main areas: the knowledge basis, the communication forum and the applications platform. The focus is on identifying resource efficiency potentials in enterprises, supporting the optimisation of products and processes with the help of scientific and software-supported approaches as well as to illustrate problems and solutions.

The knowledge base offers more than 40 short entries which are continuously maintained and expanded. It serves as a digital reference work and enables enterprises to get a quick overview of sustainability and resource efficiency.

The communication forum offers the opportunity to exchange ideas; everybody who is interested can ask questions, seek help and discuss resource-related solutions.
The application portal provides free soft ware tools and application examples  which were developed as part of the joint project – for example to determine the CO2 foot print or a simple energy and material flow analysis. The easy-to-handle tools allow independent processing and individual adaptation. The developed methods and strategies can be used again and again.

With the help of the web platform companies can improve the internal understanding for resource efficiency, introduce resource efficiency strategies more quickly and make them successful in the long run.

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